Bulletin Board

Next Board Meeting – September 21, after the Annual Meeting

Annual Meeting
The Annual Meeting will be on Saturday, September 21st, 10:00 AM in the clubhouse. Owners will be sent official notice through the postal service 30 days before the meeting.

During the Annual Meeting, two positions on the Board will be open. If you would like to consider being nominated, please click here to send us a note.

If you live on the bottom floor of your building, please remember to park your vehicle on the east side (uphill side) of your building.

Payments and Fines
If delivering payments in person, please visit the offices of Basic Property Management, 325 Lake Dillon Drive, Second Floor, Dillon. If mailing payments, please send to: Basic Property Management, P.O. Box 4844, Dillon, CO 80435.

Parking Permits
Parking permits are required for all vehicles parked in our parking lots.  Each condominium unit is allowed to park two vehilces in their lots, which are to the east of each building.  Additional vehicles may be parked at the clubhouse after notifying the clubhouse personnel.  Vehicles without parking permits are subject to towing.  Recovery of towed vehicles are the expense of he owner.

Towed Vehicles
If your vehicle is towed, you may call the clubhouse between the hours of 9:00 AM and 8:30 PM for the name and phone number of the towing company. We are using various towing companies depending on current cost.

Meeting Minutes
Meeting minutes will be sent to owners by regular postal if requested. To request postal delivery of meeting minutes, please call Basic Property Management, 970-668-0714 Ext 7003. Annual Meeting minutes and notices of voting will continue to be sent by postal delivery.

Payment Options
You can make your monthly payment on-line using a credit card or a transfer from your savings or checking account.  Credit cards accepted are: American Express, Discover Card or MasterCard. To begin, click here.

Patio Fences
Please click on this link for guidelines.

Only owners may have one pet per unit. The pet must be registered with the Clubhouse. Owners having multiple pets will receive an immediate $50.00 fine with fines escalating to $200.00 per day.